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The Three Rivers Foundation (3RF) for the arts and sciences. This private, non-profit organization conducts art and science education as well as outreach for the youth in the near and wider communities. Official website and details here>http://www.3rf.org/

Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus (CSAC) located in north central Texas near the town of Crowell is the home of the 3RF sciences. Away from city generated light pollution, this large and well equipped site offer participants a window into the universe. With access to many telescopes from small wide-field refractors to powerful 30 inch reflectors, students together with the knowledgeable 3RF staff will travel through the night sky observing its’ many wonders. CSAC visitors will only learn, be awestruck and become inspired by the majesty of the natural universe.

Gain’s 12 inch f 3.8 ATM scope at the 3RF campus

3RF crazies limbering up for a night under the stars!

Jeff, Gain, Lonnie, Adele, John and Dave

And Just For Fun – A 34 second HAND-HELD exposure of the Milkyway. It’s full of squiggles but you get the picture!

(The story goes : Jeff Barton (Director of Astronomy) was asking Gain a couple of questions. Gain totally ignored him whilst the exposure was underway, Gain was holding his breath. It was dark, Jeff turned around and walked away. Sorry Jeff.)

Birding and Nature

Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus is a haven for bird watching and nature study. The 50 acre site is surrounded by Texan wilderness and is a natural habitat for many bird species, wild animals and reptiles. A perfect location for a hands on study of  natural history.

Bullocks Oriole

Swainson’s Hawk

Swainson’s Hawk

Mississippi Kite

Golden Fronted Woodpecker

Blue Jay

Scissor Tailed Flycatcher

Burrowing Owl

Red Tail Hawk

Common Poorwill


  1. Jeff Barton Says:

    Wonderful work, Gain! Thanks so much for posting this, and the nice words about our site and mission. We hope you’ll return often!

    Nancy particularly liked your bird photos and their wonderful composition!

  2. Lonnie Wege Says:

    Nice work, I’m going to start a bird watch photo club to see what I can come up with as well.

  3. JOhn Says:

    GREAT work, Gain! By the looks of your wonderful photos, you must have been there for a month (can’t believe you got so many good shots in just 3-4 days).

    Looking forward to seeing you and Adele again soon!

  4. Ken Hudson Says:

    This is a very interesting post and the pictures are great. I am very familiar with the Three Rivers Foundation but I haven’t been to Comanche Springs yet. I wanted to go and now I want to go even more! Thanks for posting this.


  5. Suzanne Kral Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful bird pictures. Hope to see them in person someday.

  6. Tom Says:

    Very impressive. Nice work.

  7. Sherry Cannedy Says:

    Hi, guys! I am getting back to you about a family stargazing night to locate a star named for our precious Peyton, whom we lost last August. When I first inquired, you looked up our star and advised us that it could best be viewed in late March or early April. You told us you would be glad to set it up for our family to come, just to let you know. Well, what about Saturday night, April 9? There would probably be about fourteen of us. Can we work that out?

  8. Jeff Barton Says:

    Sure, Sherry, that will work. Please contact our office via the website so we can schedule this.

    Jeff B.

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