Photography by Gain Lee : Click on image for larger version>

Comet C/2009 p1 Garradd

Comet 103P Hartley/2 3 X 25 secs RGB on the Faulkes telescope.

Comet 103P Hartley/2 – A close-up view of the inner coma using the powerful 2meter f10 Faulkes Telescope in Hawaii.  17 X 5 seconds exposure using a median stack in R band.

Comet 103/P Hartley 2 – Using a Canon 7D and a 200mm lens. The comet is now showing a very small tail.

Everything But the Perdseids! Only two days after Perseid maximum and I struggled to image the Perseid meteors.

Saturn through the years, taken with various telescopes from 6-14 inches in aperture.

An unusual looking Jupiter sporting just one of the two major belts. Taken through very turbulent seeing conditions, the image shows the Great Red Spot (GRS), a shadow transit and the Jovian moon Io.

Comet Yi SWAN heading toward the Double Cluster- A small comet with obvious movement across the sky. Canon 50D and 200mm lens. The comet is the small green object in the lower right corner of the frame.  An enlarged crop of the frame provides a clearer view of Yi-Swan.



C/2007 N3 ( Lulin) – Comet Lulin taken on 01 March 2009 from the Dales in northern England with a Canon 50D, 200mm lens onboard the Astrotrac TT320X. The moon was present.



Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) Taken with the Faulkes Telescope North ( 2m, F10) using the i’ filter and 10sec exposures. The field is 4.6 arc minutes. 14 frame animation over 13 minute period. ( 14.44 UT 18 FEB 2009  G LEE).


copyright g lee


Mars over a 6 month period leading to and after opposition

Perseid meteor shower from Huddersfield.

copyright g lee

A very close conjunction of Mercury and Venus on the 27th June 2005.  Both planets captured on the same frame.

Grazing occultaion of Jupiter on the 26 January 2002 as seen from Huddersfield.


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