Images, drawings and observations from the GALAXY QUEST list.

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NGC 520 Colliding galaxies 100 million light years

away. Also known as ARP 157.

NGC 613 spiral galaxy with distorted arms. Faulkes

telescope south  by Gain Lee 2008.


NGC 772


NGC 660 Polar ring galaxy Gain Lee Faulkes Telescope North


NGC 70  Gain lee Faulkes Telescope North


NGC 1275 A cD galaxy at the heart of the Perseus

cluster 235 million light years away.  Dust lanes

and star forming regions are from an edge on galaxy

at least 200,000 light years in front of NGC 1275.

Image on FTN by Gain Lee


NGC 3718 with NGC 3719 and Hickson 56 at lower right by

Eddie Guscott, UK see more of Eddie’s work

NGC 253 by Eddie Guscott, UK

Centre of NGC 253 by Gain Lee Faulkes telescope (S)

NGC 4631 by Eddie Guscott, UK

NGC 2685, The ‘Helix’ Galaxy by Peter Vasey, UK

See more of Peter’s work >> click here

NGC 4038/9 ‘Antennae’ Colliding Galaxies by Gain Lee

UGC 2885 A very large spiral galaxy at over 800,000

light years across. The galaxy is 250 million light

years away.


HOAG’s OBJECT by Peter Vasey


NGC 3628 with M65 and M66 make up the Leo

triplet. At 35 million light years distant, this

edge on spiral is tidally distorted by the near

neighbours. Image by Peter Carson.

CGCG 205 – 046 A galaxy at over 1 billion light years from Earth

by Gain Lee

copyright g lee


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