Storm photography by Gain Lee : Click on image for larger version>




Gain Lee has been stormchasing on the Great Plains of the American midwest since 1999.

This page is dedicated to my late friend and chase partner Rick Lee.


6 Responses to “STORMCHASER”

  1. Gurbir Says:

    Spectacular! Weldone. Looks dangerous. Don’t do it again for a while until you have tought me some astrophotography first:)

  2. lostinpgh Says:

    These pictures are amazing. I am always trying to capture storms on film. Lightning fascinates me for some reason.

  3. Rich Beno Says:

    Amazing, “Mammatus over Texas” is unbeleivable.

  4. constantinz Says:

    I saw one horizontal lightening once and here they are on the photo in various shapes. Nice shots!

  5. Brent Says:

    Great work…. great captures – Wish I had storms like this around my area…

  6. Mark Says:

    I love the Mammatus clouds. I was looking at it thinking ‘it’s a cloud made entirely of breasts’, and then read the name of it.

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